Revised & Enlarged – Your True Horoscope (Birth Time Rectification)

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1. Human Being and Astrology
. Modern Gynecologists opinion of Human Birth
. Human Being and the view point of Vedanta
. Human Being and Astrology

2. Theories of Rectification of Birth Time
. Tattva Sidhant or Nadi Theory of Rectification
. The Pre-Natal Epoch Theory
. Varaha Mihira and Others Views on Lost Horoscopes
3. The Ruling Planets and Construction of Horoscopes
. Ruling Planets and Schools of Thought
. Application of Ruling Planets and Construction of Horoscope
. Calculation of Moon’s period in a day

4. Construction of True Horoscope.
. Formation of Ascendant
. Formation of other cuspal positions
. Rectification of Cuspal positions to reflect genetical connections
. Composite Approach to Rectification of Chart
5. Advanced Technique of Birth Time Rectification
. Use of RPs
. Promise of Various Aspects of Life
. Promise of Execution of Events
. Timing Significant Events
. Role of Dasa Period Lords for Significant Events

. Role of Transit
. Fixing Dasa period lords and Transit for specific events
. Conditions for Immediate Death
. Moment of Event-Formation of ascendant
6. Rectification of Birth Charts of Twins
. Special Conditions for Twins Charts

7. Index

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