Revised & Enlarged – Your True Horoscope (Birth Time Rectification)

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1. Human Being and Astrology
. Modern Gynecologists opinion of Human Birth
. Human Being and the view point of Vedanta
. Human Being and Astrology

2. Theories of Rectification of Birth Time
. Tattva Sidhant or Nadi Theory of Rectification
. The Pre-Natal Epoch Theory
. Varaha Mihira and Others Views on Lost Horoscopes
3. The Ruling Planets and Construction of Horoscopes
. Ruling Planets and Schools of Thought
. Application of Ruling Planets and Construction of Horoscope
. Calculation of Moon’s period in a day

4. Construction of True Horoscope.
. Formation of Ascendant
. Formation of other cuspal positions
. Rectification of Cuspal positions to reflect genetical connections
. Composite Approach to Rectification of Chart
5. Advanced Technique of Birth Time Rectification
. Use of RPs
. Promise of Various Aspects of Life
. Promise of Execution of Events
. Timing Significant Events
. Role of Dasa Period Lords for Significant Events

. Role of Transit
. Fixing Dasa period lords and Transit for specific events
. Conditions for Immediate Death
. Moment of Event-Formation of ascendant
6. Rectification of Birth Charts of Twins
. Special Conditions for Twins Charts

7. Index

Price $22

New Book Releasing Soon

A new book “Key to Learn Sub-Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory” is comming soon.

Key to Learn Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is written with the sole objective of enabling the readers to master the fundamental concepts of Cuspal Interlinks Theory. It is as a matter of fact the out come of Lessons presented in the Workshop conducted on MSN Groups KCIL. The matter of each Lesson is written in simple, lucid and easy to learn style. Each Lesson has a Practice Exercise which provides the reader an opportunity to test his comprehension. Answers of each Exercise are placed in the end of the book.
This book is, however, not a substitute to my book Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory. If the reader masters the contents of this book he will be able to use the concepts illustrated in my books on Natal and Horary Astrology with much ease.

Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is in tune with the Navamsa and Nadiamsa concept of Nadi Astrology. The aspiring reader will doubtless find it an exposition of sound techniques of predictive astrology. How to analyse the horoscope, to determine what is promised for the native for all walks of human life, has been explained in simple and scientific way. Timing events and use of transits are often thought of as complex and incomprehensible. It is dealt in a very clear, practical and illustrative way. It can in no way be taken as unequivocal dogma. All that the reader needs is an accurate horoscope.

S.P Khullar