I want first of all to thank Mr Khullar and the managers of the list, for having set up the workshop. I have tried a few astrological methods before, but I had lost interest in them because they never gave me a strong impulse to continue learning them. With KCIL it has been a different story, since the beginning of the workshop I got very much excited by it and I have always tried to put time learning it. Practice makes perfect, so I will spend the next weeks and months to master all the principles.


The workshop has been just marvelous and wonderful. I really admire the patience and hard work of you both.


The systematic, to the point logical approach and the precision of KCILT is really amazing. Mr. Khullar deserves all the credit for developing this theory, and has done a fantastic service to the Astrology Community. The lessons in themselves have been very lucid and clear and almost all the lessons are self contained, in that the need to refer to the books was not felt except on very few occasions when specifically asked to do so. The hard work and the effort that must have gone in preparing these lessons and the way they have been presented by Mr. Khullar and Mr. Ron Gaunt deserves a lot of kudos. I never encountered a more logical system. Compared to other systems this approach personalizes the horoscope in a very accurate way. Once the chart is rectified, all events fit together to form a “whole” were time disappears. Everything is “written” and happens as promised.


It has been an extraordinary experience for us. (I am sure other members of the group also share my feelings). The way the course was structured and presented shows that a lot of thought and care went into it. Thank you both, once again.


My thanks to both of you for demystifying CIL through KCIL Workshop. A Great Job. Well Done.Workshop lessons have now made the theory/rules absolutely simple and straight forward, so, any one with interest can learn. The system is highly fine-tuned to give very close prediction to minutes. Any one who wants to improve his prediction ratings should not miss this opportunity.

V. N. Rao

For the last 13 years of my astrological study I learnt many methods of analysis but none could provide me confidence by which I could say that Astrology is as scientific as any other science. KCIL workshop has built my confidence and enlightened me about True Astrology. It has cleared my concepts. I owe my gratitude to Ron & Mr. Khullar. Both of them have done for Astrology which according to my knowledge none other has done.

S.K. Malhotra

My thanks to both to Mr. Khuller and Ron for an extraordinary amount of work, and excellent instruction.


KCIL gives clear and specific rules for checking various promises and timing of such events. Thus I can call it as a “Perfect Analytical Tool” which adopts unambiguous method, devoid of any vagueness. I have no word to express his brilliance, and the effectiveness of the system

Arnol S L Narasimhan

I have been lucky enough to go through all the lessons which are now being transcribed in the
form of a concise compendium after rigorous synthesis. The clarity of thought and authority on subject makes this treatise a treasure for every enthusiast of CIL.

Chander Verma

I belong to a family of vedic scholars and traditional astrologers and the cuspal interlinking theory has thrown many unknown points in astrology to light. It is in fact the most scientific way of predicting. Though, initially, the system appears to be complex in nature, once the same is understood, it is very interesting and amazing to give predictions. KCIL workshop has increased my confidence level and enlightened me about True Astrology.

A.L. Venkataraman

The systematic, to the point logical approach and the precision of KCILT is really amazing. Mr. Khullar deserves all the credit for developing this theory and has done a fantastic service to the astrology community. The lessons in themselves have been very lucid and clear and almost all the lessons are self contained in that the need to refer to the books was not felt except on very few occasions when specifically asked to do so.

Vipin Mehta

First and foremost I must express my deepest appreciation and thanks for the tremendous amount of work that you have put into structuring and preparing the KCIL lessons. The material has been presented in a way that makes it much easier to learn, comprehend and apply.


Being a Professional Astrologer and teacher, after having learned and practiced many branches, techniques, and Systems of Astrology over the last four decades; I am at a loss for words to express how highly indebted and appreciative I am, for having been gifted the opportunity of being a student of Mr. Khullar’s KCIT System of Astrology. I remain totally in awe at the power of KCIL.

KCIL is distinctively different in application from any astrological system in the works today.
I continue to marvel at the genius of Mr. S.P. Khullar’s brilliance and example; I can honestly say that I liken his approach in life to that of an Astrological Einstein as he continues in his work, undeterred; determined to shine a new, credible, and brilliant light on the ancient discipline of Astrology.

When Mr. Khullar’s techniques are concentrated upon, dutifully applied, and put into practice on charts, his exceptional scientific approach – coupled with the knowledge of correct understanding and application of his teachings – will certainly prove fruitful in withstanding the test of time. The serious and dedicated student of KCIL will come away from this study richly rewarded.

The KCIL Workshop material, now extended to the public in book form, is an amazing gift offered to the astrological community. This type of knowledge is simply extraordinary, and I feel highly honored to have been a part of such a beautiful, rich, and rewarding astrological experience. A gift indeed!

Sandy L. Crowther

About the Book KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory

About the Book KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory.

Key to Learn Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is written with the sole objective of enabling the readers to master the fundamental concepts of Cuspal Interlinks Theory as achieved by the participants in the Lessons presented in the Workshop conducted on MSN Groups KCIL.

Each Lesson is written in simple, lucid and easy to learn style and has a Practice Exercise which provides the reader with an opportunity to test his comprehension. Answers of each Exercise are placed in the end of the book.

This book however, is not a substitute for my book Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory. If
the reader masters the contents of this book, he will be able to use the concepts illustrated in my books on Natal and Horary Astrology much quicker and easier.

Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is in tune with the Navamsa and Nadiamsa concept of
Nadi Astrology. The reader will find that it offers sound techniques of predictive astrology.

How to analyse the horoscope, to determine what is promised for the native for all walks of human life, has been explained in simple and scientific way. Whilst timing events and use of transits are often thought of as complex and incomprehensible, it is dealt with here in a very clear and practical way with many actual case studies.

Theory of Disposition

Our Ancient seers had sound knowledge of the Zodiac and the nature of Planets. They were very specific in declaring dictums of Astrology. They stated categorically that a Planet exalts at a specific degree. For example Moon exalts at 3 degree Taurus. In saying so they never laid down any condition about the state of Venus (dignified by Sign or House position) that rules Taurus. They were clear in their mind that Zodiac is the store house of energy formed by collective rays of celestial bodies. When a Planet is in a particular degree the energy content of which synchronizes with its own nature we say that Planet is in the state of exaltation. At our level we say that the Planet is under the influence of zodiacal energy content that synthesizes the energy content of the Planets that co-rule that particular degree of the zodiac.

Let us take the case Moon’s exaltation at 3degrees Taurus. This degree is co-ruled by Venus as Sign lord, Sun as Star lord, And Saturn as Navamsa lord. But Navamsa of Saturn starts at 0 degree Taurus. Why Moon should not exalt at 0 degree Taurus? This clearly points that this degree in fact symbolizes the Shodas Verga energy. Our Ancients called it the concept of Nadiamsa. A Planet exalts only when placed in a particular Nadiamsa. Three degree Taurus rises in Kutilaa (as per C.G.Rajan) or named as Prabbaa as per Deva Keralam.

I have not met with much success in finding a source where detailed significations of Nadiamsas are written. How ever this is how I interpret this degree. In Sub-Sub concept 3 degree Taurus is co-ruled by Venus-Sun-Sat-Sat. From this degree we find that Venus rules 1 and 6,Sun rules 4 and Saturn rules 9 and 10.All these houses are favourable with respect to Moon’s position at 3 degree Taurus.

Theory of Disposition and its Application: If we critically analyse theory of disposition in light of what has been stated above we find that it refers to the dynamic* significations of the Planets that co-rule the degree in which a Planet is placed in a chart. In most of the current literature on Astrology we find its application limited only to the lord of the Sign in which the Planet is placed. More over treating the Planet as dignified or not by Sign or House has its own limitations. The dispositor of a Planet may be placed in 10th house but if it has no PS then I feel that the dispositor can do nothing for 10th house. More over zodiacal degree in which a Planet is placed only modifies the nature of the Planet. Significations of the Planet are as per its PS and Stellar Status.

*Dynamic significations mean houses signified by a Planet as per its PS and Stellar Status in a particular chart.

Divisional Charts and Theory of Disposition: I have been quite modest in voicing my views on the significance of Navamsa in Chapter 17 of my book “Basic and Traditional Concepts”. Our Ancients created the Varga concept to delineate the significations of particular aspects of Human life. They were conspicuous in their understanding that Human being takes birth at a particular moment on a particular day when the energy content of the Ascdt and Planetary positions in the chart corresponds to the Karmic code of soul that incarnates. To them Varga only meant specifying the degree of the Ascdt and correspondingly other house positions. Similarly for Planets these Vargas meant to place the Planet in a specific position according to the concept of Varga. Moon in 3 degree Taurus in a natal chart is disposed by Venus that tells upon the nature of Moon which has to be as per native’s Karmic code. Placing Moon in Capricorn as per its Navamsa Sign would greatly defy the very concept of Human birth as per theory of incarnation.

In the light of above it is difficult for me to reconcile to the study of Divisional Charts as per prevalent technique of casting these charts.Applying theories of disposition to divisional charts means to me confusion confounded.

Above are my personal views based on my under standing of Ancient Seers dictums on Astrology. Many may not agree with me. Let us follow the principle “Agree to disagree”.