Contents of the Forthcoming Book


1. Acknowledgement
2. Preface by R S Gaunt
3. Introduction
4. Appreciation and Comments
5. Lessons
L1: Positional Status of a Planet
L2: Application of Positional Status
L3: Stellar Status of a Planet
L4: Behaviour of Rahu and Ketu
L5: Rahu or Ketu as Star Lord of a Planet
L6: Role of Sub lord of a Planet
L7: Rahu or Ketu as Sub lord of a Planet
L8: Study of a cusp—its philosophy, promise
L9 Rahu or Ketu as SS of a cusp
L10 Vimsottari Dasa System –its application
L11 Transit and its Application
L12 Rahu and Ketu as Dasa Period Lords
L13 Birth Time Rectification
L14 Timing Future events
L15 Case Studies
6. Answers:
L1 toL13

7. Appendix A- Concept of Zero Longevity
8. Appendix B-Primary and Supporting Cusps
9. Appendix C- Sub-Sub Tables

Theory of Disposition

Our Ancient seers had sound knowledge of the Zodiac and the nature of Planets. They were very specific in declaring dictums of Astrology. They stated categorically that a Planet exalts at a specific degree. For example Moon exalts at 3 degree Taurus. In saying so they never laid down any condition about the state of Venus (dignified by Sign or House position) that rules Taurus. They were clear in their mind that Zodiac is the store house of energy formed by collective rays of celestial bodies. When a Planet is in a particular degree the energy content of which synchronizes with its own nature we say that Planet is in the state of exaltation. At our level we say that the Planet is under the influence of zodiacal energy content that synthesizes the energy content of the Planets that co-rule that particular degree of the zodiac.

Let us take the case Moon’s exaltation at 3degrees Taurus. This degree is co-ruled by Venus as Sign lord, Sun as Star lord, And Saturn as Navamsa lord. But Navamsa of Saturn starts at 0 degree Taurus. Why Moon should not exalt at 0 degree Taurus? This clearly points that this degree in fact symbolizes the Shodas Verga energy. Our Ancients called it the concept of Nadiamsa. A Planet exalts only when placed in a particular Nadiamsa. Three degree Taurus rises in Kutilaa (as per C.G.Rajan) or named as Prabbaa as per Deva Keralam.

I have not met with much success in finding a source where detailed significations of Nadiamsas are written. How ever this is how I interpret this degree. In Sub-Sub concept 3 degree Taurus is co-ruled by Venus-Sun-Sat-Sat. From this degree we find that Venus rules 1 and 6,Sun rules 4 and Saturn rules 9 and 10.All these houses are favourable with respect to Moon’s position at 3 degree Taurus.

Theory of Disposition and its Application: If we critically analyse theory of disposition in light of what has been stated above we find that it refers to the dynamic* significations of the Planets that co-rule the degree in which a Planet is placed in a chart. In most of the current literature on Astrology we find its application limited only to the lord of the Sign in which the Planet is placed. More over treating the Planet as dignified or not by Sign or House has its own limitations. The dispositor of a Planet may be placed in 10th house but if it has no PS then I feel that the dispositor can do nothing for 10th house. More over zodiacal degree in which a Planet is placed only modifies the nature of the Planet. Significations of the Planet are as per its PS and Stellar Status.

*Dynamic significations mean houses signified by a Planet as per its PS and Stellar Status in a particular chart.

Divisional Charts and Theory of Disposition: I have been quite modest in voicing my views on the significance of Navamsa in Chapter 17 of my book “Basic and Traditional Concepts”. Our Ancients created the Varga concept to delineate the significations of particular aspects of Human life. They were conspicuous in their understanding that Human being takes birth at a particular moment on a particular day when the energy content of the Ascdt and Planetary positions in the chart corresponds to the Karmic code of soul that incarnates. To them Varga only meant specifying the degree of the Ascdt and correspondingly other house positions. Similarly for Planets these Vargas meant to place the Planet in a specific position according to the concept of Varga. Moon in 3 degree Taurus in a natal chart is disposed by Venus that tells upon the nature of Moon which has to be as per native’s Karmic code. Placing Moon in Capricorn as per its Navamsa Sign would greatly defy the very concept of Human birth as per theory of incarnation.

In the light of above it is difficult for me to reconcile to the study of Divisional Charts as per prevalent technique of casting these charts.Applying theories of disposition to divisional charts means to me confusion confounded.

Above are my personal views based on my under standing of Ancient Seers dictums on Astrology. Many may not agree with me. Let us follow the principle “Agree to disagree”.