Analysis of Acharya Rajneesh’s chart

Various learned astrologers have analysed the charts of saints and revolutionary thinkers and justified their achievements as per the strength of the rising Ascendant, and placement of planets in the chart. Their expositions, no doubt, match excellence and brilliance of highest quality. Their efforts beautifully demonstrate their knowledge in the field of Astrology. Often I wonder, if during the Ascendant a saint or great spiritual leader was born, when the planetary positions were so excellent then why only a particular saint or a thinker. The great revolutionary thinker of the twentieth century, Acharya Rajneesh, is reported to be born on 11.12.1931 in a Village Kuchwara, in District Raiscin in Madya Pradesh, India. These details have been obtained by great effort by my friend Mr. P.K. Jain, a senior Government officer. Fig 9.5 represents the natal chart of Acharya Rajneesh. I have made an attempt to analyse the chart through my theory of Sub-Sub lord and Cuspal Interlinks with a view to answer the question “Why only one Acharya Rajneesh?” during the Ascendant which was rising at that time.



Check of Accuracy:  It was difficult to know the time of Birth. Different authors have taken different time but all concentrated on the time period between 17.00 hours and 18.00 hours. Efforts were made to find out from persons close to Acharya Rajneesh so as to confirm this time period. The rectified chart is placed in fig 9.5 above.


Possibility of more persons of Acharya Rajneesh’s calibre is limited to about one minute of the Astrological birth time of Acharya Rajneesh. This is so because the Sub-Sub arc of Mercury in Mercury Sub is of 16 minutes and 2 second longitude. The ideal rate of rising of Ascendant is fifteen minutes per one minute of time. During the span of 16 minutes and 2 second longitude itself, the cuspal positions vary to account for the individuality of a specific birth. The analysis is not limited to planetary positions but is based on cuspal interlinks of Sub-Sub arcs of different cuspal positions, which change even for a birth difference in seconds.


Accuracy of Chart:   Kindly refer my book “True Horoscope” published by Sagar Publishers where the criteria for an accurate horoscope have been explained.


A.     Ascendant: Ascendant rises in Male Sign and the Sub-Sub arc of the Ascendant is in the first half. Mercury the Sub-Sub lord of Ascendant is in the Sub-Sub of Venus who is placed in Male Sign. This accounts for the sex of Acharya Rajneesh. The Sub-Sub lord of the Ascendant is in Venus Star and Acharya took birth when Moon was in Purvashada Nakshatra.


Acharya Rajneesh in one of his discourses made a very bold and courageous statement about himself. He said, “I cannot create a religion….. I am consistently inconsistent.” This attribute of consistent inconsistence can be justified only if Mercury rules the Sub-Sub arc in Gemini. His boldness and courage is due to the fact that this Sub-Sub arc of Mercury is part of Mrigashira Nakshatra that rises on the Ascendant. As the legend goes, Mercury was produced out of the union of Moon with Jupiter’s wife Tara. This can be interpreted as the birth of intellect (Mercury), as a result of the union of mind and wisdom. Intellect is a concept which is a more conscious force, which governs over the largely unconscious mind. The particular astrological birth time when the soul of Acharya Rajneesh incarnated has to be ruled by the Sub-Sub arc of Mercury in Mrigashira Nakshatra to announce the birth of a person whose prime objective will be searching for new mental, emotional or physical experiences. Here in the chart Mercury is placed in the fiery and dual Sign Sagittarius in Purvashada Nakshatra. This Nakshatra translates into “Former Invincible One’ or the “Former Unconquered”. The influence of Purvashada on Mercury is to infuse the native with attributes like adventurous spirit, wild exuberance, and philosophical zeal.


B.     Genetical connection: My friend Mr. P.K Jain could talk to Smt. Rasa Fauzdar, the immediate younger sister of Acharaya Rajneesh. She informed that she was born at mid-night on 11/12.7.1934. It was checked that Moon was transiting at that time in Jupiter Star. The Sub-Sub lord of the 3rd cusp is Jupiter which matches with the Moon Star of Acharaya Rajneesh’s sister. Jupiter is in Cancer Sign and is in its own Sub-Sub. The female Sign Cancer rises on the third cusp and the Sub-Sub arc of Jupiter on the third cusp is in the first half. This confirms the sex of the younger co-born.



C.     Educational Status:  It is known that Acharya had post graduation degree in philosophy. The Sub-Sub lord of 4th cusp is Rahu who has positional status. Rahu is also the Sub-Sub lord of the 9th cusp. Rahu is in Saturn star that is the Sign lord of 9th house and is the Sub-Sub lord of the 11th cusp. This clearly promises higher education. Rahu, the Sub-Sub lord of the 9th cusp has positional status and thus becomes Significator of 9th house which accounts for Acharya’s doing post graduation in philosophy.


D.     Teaching Assignment: Acharya Rajneesh, it is said, served as a lecturer for some time. One can take teaching as a profession if the Sub-Sub lord of the 4th or 9th cusp involves the 10th cusp through its star lord and commits to 2nd or 6th cusp. Here in the chart we find Rahu is the Sub-Sub lord of both 4th and 9th cusp. It is in Saturn star who is the lord of 10th cusp. Its Sub lord is Venus who is the Sub and Sub-Sub lord of the 6th cusp. So the horoscope promises teaching as a profession. But Venus is also the Sub lord of the 5th cusp. This accounts for temporary assignment.


E.      Time of Death:  Acharya’s soul left the physical body on 19.1.1990 at about 17.30 hours. The Dasa period running at that time was: Jupiter -Sun-Mercury -Rahu-Mercury. Sun was transiting in Sun star and Mercury Sub. Moon was transiting in Rahu Star that represents Jupiter. Readers can themselves see that all planets and transit of Sun and Moon justify death. Timing death has been explained in chapter 1 in my new book “Horary and Cuspal Interlinks”. However, I dare to say that Mercury the Sub-Sub lord of 8th cusp is in fiery Sign Sagittarius.  The 8th cusp itself rises on Sagittarius Sign. Mercury being in Venus star, Venus Sub and Venus Sub-Sub indicates an unnatural death. Venus is the star lord of 8th and 12th cuspal positions. Venus also occupies the fiery Sign Sagittarius. Is it that all saints have unnatural deaths? Some traditionalists, therefore, use the concept of Ichchha Mrityu(Death as per one’s own desire). However in religious context the death of a saint is termed Samadhi Maran.


Mystic Unity or Enlightenment


Astrology is both Esoteric and Exoteric. Esoteric Astrology deals with the abstract cause, the philosophy and inner or more subtle point of view. Exoteric Astrology is content with the effect, the practice, and the concrete or outer expression. It operates on the concepts which work in our Time and Space domain. Thus we say that any significant occurrence or event happens in the life of a person if it is promised. The time of happening of the event is decided by the Dasa period lords who possess the capability to enact that event. The event is defined in Astrology by comparing its nature with the significations of a particular house called the primary house and also deciding the supporting houses.


It is reported that Acharya Rajneesh had spiritual awakening or enlightenment on 21.3.1953. The learned astrologers have tried to explain this happening by the Dasa period which was running on 21.3.1953. How far an astrologer is justified to treat enlightenment as an event in terms of Exoteric or Esoteric Astrology? What is enlightenment? Who can define enlightenment? Acharya Rajneesh in one of his discourses explained the paradoxical statement of the great Laotse, who said,


“He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.” Mystic unity is an experience of the individual and no language is capable to express it even by the most eloquent words.


“For words, like nature, half reveal

 And half conceal the soul within.”




Ascharya Rajneesh, however, gave a hint when he said, “It is like suicide and resurrection both. You are in the world and yet you are not in the world.”


How can we explain this astrologically? Planets in Signs at the time when a soul incarnates represent the soul power or the evolutionary stage of individual soul, and House positions, on the other hand, are concrete expressions of mundane affairs of life in the physical body. But do the planets position in Signs or Houses change within the span of time the particular Ascendant Sign rises? Any explanation to justify Acharya’s spiritual awakening on the basis of analysis of Rashi chart or by the divisional charts as they are constructed and analysed to day, can not account for the fact that only one Acharya Rajneesh took birth at that time.


The Sub-Sub and Cuspal Interlink Theory narrows down the time gap between individual births to few seconds. It uses the cuspal significations which change fast enough and accounts for individual differences. It can, specifically account for Acharya’s growth of spiritual discipline and birth of only one Acharya Rajneesh. At the time of Mystic union, Acharya was running the Sookshma of Moon and Prana of Jupiter. Moon is in Venus star and Saturn Sub. Thus Moon is linked through its Star lord with cusps 5, 8 and 12 and to cusps 9 and 11 though its Sub lord.  Jupiter is in Mercury Star and Saturn Sub. Thus Jupiter is also linked through its Star lord with cusps 1,5,8,9,12 and commits to 9th and 11th cusps (only relevant linkages have been shown). These linkages indicate what Acharya said, “It is suicide and resurrection.”. For suicide cusps 1, 8 and 12 are involved and for resurrection 9 and 11 are involved. Suicide here only means: “Being in the world and yet not in the world”. It is identification of the soul as separate from the physical body.


Spiritual philosophy of Acharya is as per what the 9th cusp and Ascendant promise. Ninth cusp in Acharya’s chart rises in Capricorn, the 10th Sign in the natural Zodiac and Shravna Nakshatra ruled by Moon. The Sub-Sub arc of the ninth cusp is Rahu that represents Jupiter and Saturn. Rahu is placed in Pisces; the 12th Sign of the natural Zodiac ruled by Jupiter.Rahu is in Uttarabhrapada. The symbol of this Nakshatra is a serpent with two and a half coils, symbolizing the kundalini, the primeval force at the base of the spine in human beings. This asterism symbolises enlightenment through the awakening of all the seven vital centres (Chakra) through the rising of the kundalini.  Blending the influence of Capricorn and Pisces, the Sub-Sub arc of Rahu indicates that Acharya was destined to be a great spiritualist who himself will follow spirituality in word and spirit. But Rahu as Saturn in the fiery Sign Sagittarius reveals that Acharya’s quest must have begun with a bang. Blending it with the Sign Capricorn rising on the 9th cusp indicates that Acharya had to be disinterested in everything. Such a person pays no importance to religious practices and performance of traditional rituals. Rahu as Jupiter in Cancer speaks of the person getting acquainted with spiritual teachings and traditional scriptures but often meets with frustration.


 We can talk and talk on Acharya Rajneesh as he appeared to the world. But we cannot speak what he actually experienced on 21.3.1953. To fathom the depth of Acharya’s wisdom from the postulates of Astrology is only a far fetched imagination of the Astrologers. His insight is incisive, his freshness and dynamism speaks of his consistent inconsistency and we cannot conceive of anything which transcends his ego.








I want first of all to thank Mr Khullar and the managers of the list, for having set up the workshop. I have tried a few astrological methods before, but I had lost interest in them because they never gave me a strong impulse to continue learning them. With KCIL it has been a different story, since the beginning of the workshop I got very much excited by it and I have always tried to put time learning it. Practice makes perfect, so I will spend the next weeks and months to master all the principles.


The workshop has been just marvelous and wonderful. I really admire the patience and hard work of you both.


The systematic, to the point logical approach and the precision of KCILT is really amazing. Mr. Khullar deserves all the credit for developing this theory, and has done a fantastic service to the Astrology Community. The lessons in themselves have been very lucid and clear and almost all the lessons are self contained, in that the need to refer to the books was not felt except on very few occasions when specifically asked to do so. The hard work and the effort that must have gone in preparing these lessons and the way they have been presented by Mr. Khullar and Mr. Ron Gaunt deserves a lot of kudos. I never encountered a more logical system. Compared to other systems this approach personalizes the horoscope in a very accurate way. Once the chart is rectified, all events fit together to form a “whole” were time disappears. Everything is “written” and happens as promised.


It has been an extraordinary experience for us. (I am sure other members of the group also share my feelings). The way the course was structured and presented shows that a lot of thought and care went into it. Thank you both, once again.


My thanks to both of you for demystifying CIL through KCIL Workshop. A Great Job. Well Done.Workshop lessons have now made the theory/rules absolutely simple and straight forward, so, any one with interest can learn. The system is highly fine-tuned to give very close prediction to minutes. Any one who wants to improve his prediction ratings should not miss this opportunity.

V. N. Rao

For the last 13 years of my astrological study I learnt many methods of analysis but none could provide me confidence by which I could say that Astrology is as scientific as any other science. KCIL workshop has built my confidence and enlightened me about True Astrology. It has cleared my concepts. I owe my gratitude to Ron & Mr. Khullar. Both of them have done for Astrology which according to my knowledge none other has done.

S.K. Malhotra

My thanks to both to Mr. Khuller and Ron for an extraordinary amount of work, and excellent instruction.


KCIL gives clear and specific rules for checking various promises and timing of such events. Thus I can call it as a “Perfect Analytical Tool” which adopts unambiguous method, devoid of any vagueness. I have no word to express his brilliance, and the effectiveness of the system

Arnol S L Narasimhan

I have been lucky enough to go through all the lessons which are now being transcribed in the
form of a concise compendium after rigorous synthesis. The clarity of thought and authority on subject makes this treatise a treasure for every enthusiast of CIL.

Chander Verma

I belong to a family of vedic scholars and traditional astrologers and the cuspal interlinking theory has thrown many unknown points in astrology to light. It is in fact the most scientific way of predicting. Though, initially, the system appears to be complex in nature, once the same is understood, it is very interesting and amazing to give predictions. KCIL workshop has increased my confidence level and enlightened me about True Astrology.

A.L. Venkataraman

The systematic, to the point logical approach and the precision of KCILT is really amazing. Mr. Khullar deserves all the credit for developing this theory and has done a fantastic service to the astrology community. The lessons in themselves have been very lucid and clear and almost all the lessons are self contained in that the need to refer to the books was not felt except on very few occasions when specifically asked to do so.

Vipin Mehta

First and foremost I must express my deepest appreciation and thanks for the tremendous amount of work that you have put into structuring and preparing the KCIL lessons. The material has been presented in a way that makes it much easier to learn, comprehend and apply.


Being a Professional Astrologer and teacher, after having learned and practiced many branches, techniques, and Systems of Astrology over the last four decades; I am at a loss for words to express how highly indebted and appreciative I am, for having been gifted the opportunity of being a student of Mr. Khullar’s KCIT System of Astrology. I remain totally in awe at the power of KCIL.

KCIL is distinctively different in application from any astrological system in the works today.
I continue to marvel at the genius of Mr. S.P. Khullar’s brilliance and example; I can honestly say that I liken his approach in life to that of an Astrological Einstein as he continues in his work, undeterred; determined to shine a new, credible, and brilliant light on the ancient discipline of Astrology.

When Mr. Khullar’s techniques are concentrated upon, dutifully applied, and put into practice on charts, his exceptional scientific approach – coupled with the knowledge of correct understanding and application of his teachings – will certainly prove fruitful in withstanding the test of time. The serious and dedicated student of KCIL will come away from this study richly rewarded.

The KCIL Workshop material, now extended to the public in book form, is an amazing gift offered to the astrological community. This type of knowledge is simply extraordinary, and I feel highly honored to have been a part of such a beautiful, rich, and rewarding astrological experience. A gift indeed!

Sandy L. Crowther

About the Book KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory

About the Book KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory.

Key to Learn Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is written with the sole objective of enabling the readers to master the fundamental concepts of Cuspal Interlinks Theory as achieved by the participants in the Lessons presented in the Workshop conducted on MSN Groups KCIL.

Each Lesson is written in simple, lucid and easy to learn style and has a Practice Exercise which provides the reader with an opportunity to test his comprehension. Answers of each Exercise are placed in the end of the book.

This book however, is not a substitute for my book Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory. If
the reader masters the contents of this book, he will be able to use the concepts illustrated in my books on Natal and Horary Astrology much quicker and easier.

Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is in tune with the Navamsa and Nadiamsa concept of
Nadi Astrology. The reader will find that it offers sound techniques of predictive astrology.

How to analyse the horoscope, to determine what is promised for the native for all walks of human life, has been explained in simple and scientific way. Whilst timing events and use of transits are often thought of as complex and incomprehensible, it is dealt with here in a very clear and practical way with many actual case studies.

Key to learn Sub-Sub & Cuspal Interlink Theory


I have had the good fortune to be able to work with, and learn from Mr Khullar. His work is outstanding and has taken astrology to an entirely new and much higher level. The results he achieves using his method are truly exceptional, and inspires his students to emulate his remarkable feats.

His research, resulting in concentrating on and proving the effectiveness of his Cuspal Interlink method, is unique and very persuasive. This system is not a figment of the imagination, as is much of astrology, but a well reasoned method, which has incorporated the best of Hindu, Nadi, and KP astrology in an entirely different and compelling way. Mr Khullar’s books are a must for any serious astrologer, and have been very well received by those astrologers who seek real as opposed to superficial knowledge of the subject.

I am honoured to have been asked to write a preface to this wonderful book. I have no doubt that it is destined to be a classic in its own right. In fact I would go so far as to say
that in my opinion, it is by far the best book ever written on the exposition of practical astrology, as applied to predictive astrology, and assessing events.

This is high praise, and you may wonder who it is who makes such statements, and what experience I have to make them.

My introduction to astrology was over 37 years ago, when I undertook a correspondence course in Tropical astrology. These early days were hard because we had no computers or databases to test our systems. But I took an epicurean delight in the smorgasbord of goodies offered – Secondary, Tertiary, Minor, Solar Arc Progressions, and multiple methods of Directions, including Converse as well as Direct.There were also Solar and Lunar Returns, and other more exotic systems, such as various cycles and Harmonic charts.

Finally the day came when it dawned on me that despite all these systems, touted by some to be almost fool proof, that I was seeing no one (including myself) who was successfully making predictions.

This moved me away from Tropical astrology as it is generally practiced, because I thought – and still do – that Sign Lords are not the bedrock of good predictive astrology. I then went on, and for some years used Cosmo biology as my preferred system. This worked better but brought up a host of new problems with multiple points having to be considered due to mid-point analysis.
Looking around I came across the Western Sidereal School who used the Sidereal Zodiac. This had greater appeal because the Lordships seemed to work better. Then it was just a short step to move over into the world of Hindu astrology.

I must admit I was quite excited when I found this because the claims I was seeing suggested that here at last was the possibility of finding a system that really worked. It didn’t take me long to realise that in its own way Hindu astrology was as corrupted as Tropical. Hundreds of slokas and multiple ayanamsas, Divisional Charts etc gave a plethora of combinations, in which it is possible to see anything you want- after the event – exactly the same as Tropical.

As time went by I came to realise how seductive astrology is to just about everyone who takes the time to be enticed by it. I certainly have been enticed into spending a great deal of my life in studying it. Today I would estimate that I have spent at least 20,000 hours in astrological research. This is true research not just dabbling in astrology, because I am not, and has never been a professional astrologer, so have not had to spend time with clients. I have had the good fortune to have the means, and the time for many years to be able to have astrology as my prime occupation. So I think you can see that I have served a long and comprehensive apprenticeship in the subject.

It is the newcomers and the converts who are the most bedazzled by astrology’s infinite possibilities. Many swear it is true and infallible.Why would they genuinely believe this when other more knowledgeable astrologers do not? I would put it down to lack of experience in the subject, and not realising that it is possible to justify anything and everything in ANY system because of the millions of possible combinations. They need to go quite deep into the subject before they can see a systems limitation. Some astrologers appear never to come to this realisation.

So if it is possible to see anything in any system, how do we find a system that really does work? Obviously the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I needed to find someone, or a system that produced consistently above average correct results in prediction. But the problem in looking at predictions is that they are few and far between, and it could take years (if not forever) to find someone or a system producing good results.

I therefore decided to simulate the predictive method.

I started possibly the first of the Blind Chart tests on the Web. Blind Chart tests are a method of taking a genuine birth chart, and asking participants which of a number of events was the actual event that took place on a certain date. I did this consistently, fortnightly, on a number of lists for quite a few years, and saw no one who was achieving better than average results in the tests.

Then came the day when I saw some newcomers to our list getting much better than average results. These were the students of Mr Khullar using a system called Cuspal Interlinks. This intrigued me and I decided to check out the system. Let me say at this point I was rather blasé even skeptical, but the Blind Test results ignited my interest sufficient for me to get fully involved in the system. I am glad I did, because it has opened my eyes to what can be achieved with this method which is in my opinion the most scientific of all the astrological systems I have seen.

Mr Khullar’s books give a full and complete explanation of the system so I won’t duplicate this here; but I would like to explain a couple of points which I think newcomers to the system will appreciate.

Cuspal Interlinks (CIL) is what I call a ‘Closed System”. If you look at nearly all astrologers they work with what I would call an ‘Open System’. They use multiple methods to achieve a result i.e. they might regularly use say the Secondary Progression system. Then trying to get a match for any event (after they know the result) they might use in conjunction Solar Arc, or Solar Returns, or Lunar Returns, or harmonics, etc, etc, etc, to prove and vindicate the event. It is not unusual for some astrologers to use totally different or many methods for successive cases. The same goes for Hindu astrology and it is not uncommon to see practitioners invoking many slokas, a number of Divisional Charts, and using simultaneously a number of different ayanamsas on a particular case. Of course using astrology this way is very deceptive and does not lend itself to actual prediction.

The ‘Closed System’ of CIL is very different. The system is complete in itself. There are rules of relationships between the various Lordships, and rules about the significations of each of the houses. The system is not plagued by ‘add ons’ such as planetary retrogression, combustion, exaltation, debilitation, planets being young or in old age, or even planetary aspects in the usual way. Using the lordships and significations coupled to the correct way of working with the dasa system and transits, it has been proven that it is possible to achieve success in Blind Chart tests and prediction. Unlike other systems it is quite common for two or more CIL practitioners to come up with exactly the same answer to a problem (contrast this with any other system), and even exactly the same rectification of an unknown birth time. Incidentally, in my opinion this book demonstrates and gives full details of the best rectification method available.

Mr Khullar is doing sterling work educating a new generation of astrologers in the classes at his Institute. When I saw the value in CIL I thought it should be offered to a wider audience, so I proposed and set up a Web workshop site. This drew many dedicated astrologers from our parent web site Astrology Research, who have now undertaken the course and achieved good understanding of the system in a very short time. This book dear reader which you now hold in your hands is based on that course. I am certain you will find it interesting, informative, and more to the point very useful and practical in your work in astrology.

Ron Gaunt
Brisbane, Australia.