Sub Theory (K.P)

Course on Sub Theory (K.P)

  1. Limitations of Traditional Astrology.
  2. Introduction to Sub – Theory.
    1. Development of Nakshatra and Sub Theory.
    2. Calculation of Sub Area.
  3. Planets Behaviour in Sub Theory.
    1. Dasa Potential of Planet.
    2. Behaviour and Role of Sub.
    3. How to determine significator of Houses.
    4. Behaviour of Rahu and Ketu.
  4. Sub Theory and Analysis of Chart.
    1. Factors on which the accuracy of the Chart depends.
    2. Casting of Chart as per Placidius System and its Interpretation.
    3. Analysis of the horoscope.
  5. Analysing The Ascendant.
    1. Physical and Mental characteristics.
    2. Potential of the Ascendent.
    3. Status of health.
    4. Longivity.
  6. Analysing Second House.
    1. Financial Status.
    2. Sources of gain or loss of money.
    3. Diseases of eye, speech etc.
  7. Analysing the Horoscope for Disease, accidents etc.
    1. Theories of Diseases.
    2. How to determine the Nature of Disease.
    3. Timing periods of Diseases.
    4. Timing periods of cure of Diseases.
  8. Analysing horoscope for Marriage and Married Life.
      Nature of Marriage.   

    1. Characteristics of the Partner.
    2. Timing Marriage, Divorce etc.
    3. Plurality of Sexual relationships.
    4. Second Marriage and its Timing.
      1. Analysing Horoscope for Educational Prospects.
        1. Basic and Higher education prospects.
        2. Subjects of Study.
      2. Analysing Horoscope for Profession.
        1. Nature of Profession.
        2. Financial, Administrative status in Profession.
        3. Ups and Downs in Profession.
        4. Timing periods of Gain and loss in Profession.
      3. Timing Events.
        1. Fixing Dasa, Bhukti, Antara etc. for events.
        2. Transit of Planets and its role in timing events.
Faculty : Headed by Mr. S.P. Khullar, Retired General Manager Telecommunication, Dept of Communication, Govt. of India Supported by experienced Practitioners of True Astrology.
Venue : Classes are held at Jagat Vidya S.D school D-II Link Road, Near Hanuman Statue (Round About) Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110005 On every Saturday & Sunday.
Timings : From 10 am to 1 pm Every Sunday
From 3 Pm to 6 Pm Every Saturday
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C. Mrs. Sharda Gupta Tel. No 27318438 / 27317532 New Delhi, India.
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E. Shri S.P Khullar Tel. No. +91 120 2501201 New Delhi, India.
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