Revised & Enlarged – Your True Horoscope (Birth Time Rectification)

Price: US$ 22 including postage Contents Introduction 1. Human Being and Astrology . Modern Gynecologists opinion of Human Birth . Human Being and the view point of Vedanta . Human Being and Astrology 2. Theories of Rectification of Birth Time . Tattva Sidhant or Nadi Theory of Rectification . The Pre-Natal Epoch Theory . Varaha […]

About the Book KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory

About the Book KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory. Key to Learn Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is written with the sole objective of enabling the readers to master the fundamental concepts of Cuspal Interlinks Theory as achieved by the participants in the Lessons presented in the Workshop conducted on MSN […]

Key to learn Sub-Sub & Cuspal Interlink Theory

Preface I have had the good fortune to be able to work with, and learn from Mr Khullar. His work is outstanding and has taken astrology to an entirely new and much higher level. The results he achieves using his method are truly exceptional, and inspires his students to emulate his remarkable feats. His research, […]

Contents of the Forthcoming Book

Contents: 1. Acknowledgement 2. Preface by R S Gaunt 3. Introduction 4. Appreciation and Comments 5. Lessons L1: Positional Status of a Planet L2: Application of Positional Status L3: Stellar Status of a Planet L4: Behaviour of Rahu and Ketu L5: Rahu or Ketu as Star Lord of a Planet L6: Role of Sub lord […]