Revised & Enlarged – Your True Horoscope (Birth Time Rectification)

Price: US$ 22 including postage Contents Introduction 1. Human Being and Astrology . Modern Gynecologists opinion of Human Birth . Human Being and the view point of Vedanta . Human Being and Astrology 2. Theories of Rectification of Birth Time . Tattva Sidhant or Nadi Theory of Rectification . The Pre-Natal Epoch Theory . Varaha […]

Analysis of Acharya Rajneesh’s chart

Various learned astrologers have analysed the charts of saints and revolutionary thinkers and justified their achievements as per the strength of the rising Ascendant, and placement of planets in the chart. Their expositions, no doubt, match excellence and brilliance of highest quality. Their efforts beautifully demonstrate their knowledge in the field of Astrology. Often I […]


I want first of all to thank Mr Khullar and the managers of the list, for having set up the workshop. I have tried a few astrological methods before, but I had lost interest in them because they never gave me a strong impulse to continue learning them. With KCIL it has been a different […]